Latest Products Latest Products Sun, 25 Sep 2022 02:57:57 +0530 en-us Plant Growth Regulator Mon, 28 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0530 A combination of Sea weeds extract based product with Glyricidia. Glyricidia leaves (plants) are living fertilizer factories. It also helps to control virus infection in rice field as per the experience of farmers in the field. Plant Growth Stimulant Wed, 23 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0530   An ideal blending of sea-weeds with naturally occurring bacteria on various roots. In addition to all the advantages of sea-weeds, it improves the structure and nutritional availability to the roots. Any part of the field when does not support better growth, this preparations helps a lot. A wonderful preparation to cope up better growth when a part or more is lagging behind in growth as compared to the rest of the field.None of our products are insecticides/bio-pesticides. They reduce use of chemicals and encourage natural practices as resistance of the plants are improved… Gives confidence to go for natural/organic farming &/or sustainable agricultural practices. Our all products are certified by INDOCERT   Animal feed Supplement Sun, 07 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Orgivete powder is a unique natural animal feed suppliments; also as feed suppliments for aquatic animals and birds. Orgivete mainly contains sea-weeds together with traces of Aswagandha and Satavari. All these three natural ingredients are used even for human for many centuries. Bio Compost Tue, 29 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0530 the use of "orgimicrobes" means an easy definite route to evergreen agriculture and simpler route to prepare bio compost from cow dung, animals dung & excreta, vegetable waste, city solid waste and other bio-degradable waste. continuous use of orgimicrobes is most advantageous. orgimicrobes is an ideal mixture of naturally available microbes from deep thick green forest and other natural sources. it may contain lactic acid bacteria; yeast, azotobacter spp, aspergillus spp, penicillium spp. psudomonas spp. trichoderma spp, bacillus spp. we select ideal combination from these for preparing effective mixture for biocompost. the total count remains 106 - 109 per gm of om (cfu 106 - 109) when stored in shade and little humid conditions. om acts on complex substances like protein, starch, cellulose, fat, chitin, polysaccharide etc and breaks down to simpler, assimilable substances, mainly absorbed by roots, viz amino acids, carbohydrate, growth promoters micro nutrients, precursors of growth promotors and many more useful substances for plants and soil enrichment. it improves, moisture holding capacity of soil and makes it more fertile. the use of om also reduces foul small, insects like fly, mosquito, etc. each microbes selected for preparation of om plays very significant role to prepare one of the best of bio-compost. the use of bio-compost prepared with om reduces agriculture input cost and also reduces or avoids use of chemicals in agriculture in order to achieve successful organic farming. thus orgi microbes reduces agriculture input cost improves quality & quantity reduces diseases improves fertility & maintains fertility rreduces water consumption safe to use an effective mixture of bioculture for biocompost, consisting of various microbes, inclusive microbes for healthy soil, speeds up biocompost formation and quality. improves nutritional values & effectiveness Plant Growth Promoters Tue, 29 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0530 orgishaktee,this product is very unique and natural product it is work on the field\farm as theree in one direction. as a plant growth pramoter,preventing dieseases and resistant again any adverse climate condition more concentrated sea based product in bitter substance extracts like aloevera, rai, methi, neem, etc. the bitter substances are known to exert favorable impact on plants kingdom as well as animal kingdom for carriers. an unique product formulated with years of organic experience, more effectively proving "prevention is better than cure". bitter and chilly natural extract are blended with specially processed antifeedent and growth promoters.